If there is a word i learn’t to use in 2014 is the word NO.
I also learn’t that life is more than achievements. Life is more than the need to fit in.
Life is all about appreciating, learning and leaving.
I learn’t that life is too short…the need to cherish that which is important is vital.
Because life is short.

I dwelt for a long time counting my achievements and living in the bubble of focusing on that which i thought was important.
Thing is, YES achievements are important, but then we forget service.
With all the achievements in life, then what.

The word NO

We compromise with the need to fit in
The feeling of belonging
So we say YES

In many circumstances i have always said yes so that i can please someone’s ego, but i learnt that, at the end of the day i somehow lose.
I said Yes because i am a risk taker, but i realised sometimes saying NO is the real risk.
No I will not do that to make you happy, or to caress your ego,I will say NO.
Get this, saying yes is a good thing, but it has it’s limits, at least that is what i learn’t in 2014.
Not that No carries the day, it’s simply the fact that, life is too short for me to compromise.

Service: Eleanor Roosevelt quoted ‘When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die’.Service.

Achievements rain
Blessing are ushered in
A life of glamour and honor
Honor from fellow beings
Glamour in the lifestyle
But I am reminded of the preacher’s words
Vanity of vanities all is vanity
And i ask myself…Is it meaningless if i serve? If I give?

We are a society that gives less but wants more
We wanna beg beg, but we don’t want to give
Give with a cheerful heart
Not giving financially
But serving

As i reflect into 2014 i realise that there are a lot of beings who need
Just need a smile
A shoulder to lean on
A handshake
A meal
shelter, Clothing
There is a being out there that needs something

I use the word being because animals are too part of this.
This i have learnt.

I hardly make ‘NEW YEAR’ resolutions because with each step i take in my life, be it a new year, new month, new day, i have resolutions i am making.
My resolutions are an improvement of my mistakes.

Last year i also learn’t not to be scared of my vulnerabilities, to just be ME. Hey everyone else is taken.

Learn to say NO, learn to serve and above all be BOLD in all that you do.

Happy 2015 my readers!!!!