Her hair had the scent of coconut and fruits. It stared at her with its kinky body. She loved it that way. He did too.

‘Honey it looks good. Let’s go!’

‘Wait I need to tuck some of it with a clip…’

He rolled his eyes and moved back from the mirror. Sat on the bed and scrolled his phone while looking at his watch. As if the phone had no clock.
‘Babe we will be late aki. Your hair looks good!’

She turned and smiled at him…smiled reassuring him that she will make up for the 30 minutes she took to do the final touches of her hair. Her make up was not done yet.

‘Nipate nje!’

‘Sawa…I will be done in a few minutes. Ni kumaliza tu then I am done,’

He said nothing. Picked the car keys from the bed and walked out of the room. She picked the clip and started to tuck her hair neatly into the kinkiness of its mass.

The reflection of the light bulb in the mirror reminded her of the first day she met him.
The luminous glow of the moon bathed the earth and the haze of the sky mirrored the edge of the ocean. Fireworks sprinted from the ground with beautiful shades of glowing colours. Loud music penetrated through the warm waves of the water. She laughed and danced while holding her glass of whisky. Then she saw him. Staring at her. His eyes devoured her…she knew it. She could feel it. She turned and pretended not to have seen his hungry eyes and continued to sip her whisky and dancing with her girls.

‘It seems as though you have resolutions laid out…’

‘Sorry?’ she said…as she turned to see the hand that held her shoulder. It was him.

His face was strong and defined. The linen shirt he wore stroked his well build chest whenever the ocean breezed. She stared as if she had seen a masterpiece.

‘Sorry?’ She asked trying not to choke on the whisky.

‘You seem so happy. You must have well laid out plans for the new year,’

His deep voice could be heard gently stroking her ears…even the music could not stop her from the hugging eloquence of his words.

‘It’s the new year. Are you not excited?’

‘I am. But not as you are. I’m Qanu by the way.’

‘Lina is mine.’

Her tiny palm disappeared in his hands. His eyes locked with hers. His smile made her cheeks hot. Flushing at the sight of this man who’s features drew her to salivate. The strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of his muscles. She scrutinized him and almost undressed him with her eyes.

‘A walk?’

‘Sure,’ she said as she signaled to her girlfriends that she will be back.

The walk and the talk on the beach scared her and excited her. The ring on her finger was illuminated by the moon. Its rock glowed. As if reminding her of her man back at home. But she walked. Talked. Yearned. And had him.

Two years after that day…she could still feel his muscles. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She picked her phone and marked her calendar on their next coffee date.


She quickly applied some lipstick, grabbed her clutch bag and walked towards her husband who was waiting in the car.