Miss writer

Dear Mwende.co.ke

It’s me. Yes I know…I am sorry.

My attention has been dedicated to other platforms and I see the last time we touched base(yes i did use this word) was in June.

Pole for neglecting you. But here is the thing…i feel like we really have lost connection.

I feel like you no longer entice me the way you did. You no longer draw me and mix me with ideas. You sit there. Stare. Waiting to see me ink you.

Well it’s not like I have tried hard to get your attention. I no longer publicise you. I no longer make you feel important.

Remember when we started this relationship? Good days huh?

When all I would do is crave to put words on you. All I would think about was you.

The feeling of that magical tingly connection that would make my hands itch with words to write.

The adrenaline rush of having to share you with the world. The fear of messing up.

The shade of bliss and perfection that would tide over me each time i fantacised about us.

Remember when emotions would drain me and your blank pages would be my shoulders?

Remember when the world would be so heavy on me and you would let me rant to you?

Oh well, I am sorry for neglecting you. Got some side dish businesses with magazines and somehow felt a little bit sweet.

Some years back, i made it a routine to cuddle and open up to you each week…I became lazy and priorities changed.

I’m back. I hope to make this relationship less complicated.

I hope to make you my number one just like what  Bikozulu and Chanyando have done with their site love. Their relationship has grown. I hope they don’t make you jealous whenever you all converge to talk about your love lives

No I don’t have commitment issues…I just became a little bit greedy. But now I am back.

That tingly feeling is back. But even when it fades I will strive to make us work.

With Love