Sometimes I think of you

Of your lips

Your eyes that drill inside me

Kill my boredom and my awkward silence in my mind

Your eyes that awaken my heart


Sometimes I think of your lips

Not the way you kiss me

The way they move when you talk to me

Those pink lips whose colour kind of fascinates me


No I think it’s your touch

Not the gentle one, when you sometimes hold me

It’s the brush

The one I felt years ago when you touched my wrist

When you requested for that walk


Sometimes I think of this friendship

Sometimes the thoughts are intense

Other times they are just a quick breeze

A forced fascination of this incredibility

That sometimes I feel and other times feel nassing


Sometimes I wonder why we are like this

It’s like we are friends and then we are not

A convenience.

But you always said I am one of those.

You know. The true friends?


Sometimes I wish to see you maybe before I meet the one

Yes i do believe in those ones.

I used to believe in fairy tales

Days when i thought that maybe I could cross the sea to see you


I don’t know if you think of me

My silly humor which you keep saying you love

And I don’t think I am funny


I don’t know if you think of my clumsy nature

My unending conversations

My belief that I can protect you-and you look at my short me and laugh

I just miss our friendship

Maybe you sailed to play the violin more

Maybe a laid out plan for a romantic future

Which I would love to see you in.

As a friend wishes to see those they love happy leaving and living

With that which they call a forever mate


You were true

Still are I hope. The true nature of a man never eludes to show itself

I saw that. The true nature.

Maybe you might read this

Maybe you might not

The day/month/year you will read it

Give me a call.

Just know I wish you well.

To be honest I don’t miss you as a person


I think it’s your kindness

Your dedication to do good

Your humanity

That is rare to find

But mostly i think it is your recent found love in Christ

That goodness. That realness that is rare in our peers of the opposite sex.

Plus I can’t remember the last time I laughed with so much heart and tears

You had a way.


You will know it is you when you read this. I know my best friend does.