Today was just one of those days! You know the ones you don’t want to feel inspired. Or talk to anyone?

No one hurt you. You just feel lifeless!

Like a wound that doesn’t hurt but makes you numb.

You try some soliloquy on different social media sites.

But still nothing!
So I had a conversation over the weekend with a friend on some sort of battles

‘Hence this write up’
Like I keep hitting a snag

I need a way around but I am still stuck

Stuck with this bug that I keep going back to…

You know when you are in a hole.

But there is light and warmth.

Yet inside you, you feel dark?

Smiles on the outside

But numbness on the inside?

Chasing and spending on irrelevance?

Shadowed by the unnecessary?

Clouded by living in a moment?

Yet guilty thoughts crowd you?

He told me to pray.

But sometimes I forget how to

I haven’t talked to my maker in a while

Well maybe through music

Have you ever felt like this?

Oh well…

Writing makes me feel that even numb wounds can heal

That emptiness can be filled

Filled with that which you seek

You can heal from your guilt

From your mistakes

And sometimes sharing is hard

So this is me;

Shining a light to those who have felt like this

Who are still feeling like this

It’s okay to have bad days

Because healing takes time…

And when it comes,

Healing will put you at ease

And peace will reign.

I hope my days brighten up!

@corriemwende #MissWriter