They call me Corrie…


They call me Corrie but you can also call me: Corazon Mwende

I am an African lady who loves to dream. Loves to laugh…

I believe in gender equality. I believe both men and women should have the same rights. I believe in empowering young girls through mentorship- to work hard and be in a position where their skills match up to what a specific job entails.

I am a rehabilitated writer, recovering publicist and staggering MC.

In my dreams i see a pot full of literature…i sniff and salivate IN it…

I am not an award winning anything…but you see,that’s part of my dream


Some literature platforms have entrusted me to write on their magazines and websites- Prestige Magazine(Brand That column(public relations),Women issues,Africa achievements)

The East African Business Times(Public relations/Start ups and Africa’s rich development stories)

Spectacle Magazine(Sconversations-Current affairs, Africa, entrepreneurship and PR)

(MAYBE AN AWARD AWAITS IN THE ABOVE-Columnist of the year or some pimped title to make me feel important and sane…leverage with all other renowned writers…)

I am a wannabe poet,i know NO poetry rules…but i scribble along…

I force myself to MC events…because i believe that i can translate my ability…well my rehabilitated literature self to talk…ohh well a girl can dream

Recently i got a Masters in communication and Media studies…so i guess the rehab helped

This is my therapy, my web of madness and my nest of comfort.

Here i OWN this world. I build my brand. It is MY TIME

Let’s get crazy..let’s get weird…wait but sometimes I am serious.

Check out my About me page:

My email address is:

Twitter handle: @corriemwende

linkedin: Corazon Mwende Kisilu

Instagram: Corrie Mwende

CNN iReport page:


2 thoughts on “They call me Corrie…”

  1. Saved like a favorite, wonderful web site!

  2. Murithi Kamwende said:

    Nice 👌. Wish you all the best😉

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